​Work Individually with Kathy

We can work with you and your individual circumstances to improve your fertility and your general health, getting you ready to conceive a healthy baby and sustain a pregnancy.

So you have decided you want to have a baby? Great, how exciting…

Have you started trying? Or are you just planning? Either way it might be worth coming to see us.

Preconception planning is a great idea, for you and your partner.

Making sure your body is clean and healthy, ensuring you are eating food that is healthy and nourishing, ensuring your mind and body are ready to conceive a baby. 3 months pre-conception is ideal for you both.

Ways we work with you?

  1. Naturopath – with nutrition, lifestyle, herbs and supplements, combining western Naturopathic ideas with traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Identifying whats happening in your cycle, planning a way forward and helping you identify the best path to take.
  2. Yoga – classes to encourage ‘flow’ in your body, blood flow and circulation. Reducing stress and helping you manage the process
  3. Yoga Coaching / Kundalini Yoga – working individually in the context of yoga, movement, breath, meditation. Identifying your true purpose and goals in a 6 week program. We look at balancing chakras (energy systems).
Contact us to make an appointment. We operate appointments via Skype.