Prenatal (Pregnancy) Yoga

  • Saturdays 10.15am – Penshurst Pilates and Yoga

Pregnancy creates new demands due to your ever-changing body.  Your pregnant body is naturally and miraculously in a heightened state of awareness and creativity.  Taking time to pause from the strain of the day to day activity to connect with your body enables you to experience and enjoy this journey.

Yoga helps to bring balance to your body, increasing strength and tone, while creating flow and reducing stiffness and tension.

We include pranayama (breathing) practices, movement, strengthening and relaxation. We also include suggestions and ideas you can use during labour and the birth of your baby.

We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful pregnant women as we specialise in Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Women, and we love it!

We also offer Couples Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Workshops.