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A little more about me..

I was asked recently - how did you get here? What began this journey? Why are you doing this? So heres a bit more for those interested...

As a youngster, i grew up with a 'hippie' mum who used food, herbs and vitamins to nurture us. If I was sick, this is where we started, this is what I knew as 'normal'. As i grew older and more aware I began to realise my Mum wasn't what was considered normal. She was a Nurse by training but had a strong interest and desire for 'food as medicine'.  We would only go to the Drs if she felt it was something serious. During my senior High School years i became quite ill. We tried conventional medicine but found it wasn't able to help, we couldn't even identify what was wrong with me, I was just exhausted and really inflammed. It was only Naturopathic medicine that was able to identify what was wrong and be able to help me. This stoked the fire and made me extremely curious, I had to learn more, so I started to study and learn more about natural medicine.

When i first started studying, in 1991, the word 'Naturopath' wasn't well known. I had to explain what is was, alot! I loved learning about food, vitamins and herbs and how you can use them to help people. I had fun experimenting with different eating styles and learning how they effected me.  i had to move from Newcastle to Sydney, which was new and exciting. I moved in to live with a friend who introduced me to yoga, which became my new love! From my very first class i knew this was something I wanted to teach and something I wanted to incorporate into what i would eventually do in the world! 

After studying, I wasn't quite ready to move into building a practice so I started in retail, which lead me to sales and moving into the corporate world of sales and management.  After many years in this world, working incredibly hard and having lots of fun, my Husband and i were having great difficulty becoming pregnant. We tried various forms of medicine, conventional and natural, with no luck which lead us down the path of IVF. 

This new world of infertility was extremely isolating and scary! My body felt out of my control. My ability to conceive a child seemed something I no longer could achieve by myself. This was the first time in my life, that i remember, that my health was not in my own hands and I really didn't like it! I also found that once you were on the path of fertility treatment, it was hard to get off. I felt it was very driven by money and not with my best interests at heart, and I didn't know who to turn to or talk to.

So in 2009, I felt i needed to take back control of my future and my health. I could also see there was a great need for support for women (& men) who were trying to conceive and struggling with their fertility, as well as for women who were already pregnant - 'Conception Health' was born.    

I left my busy role, working for one of the biggest natural medicine companies in Australia and created a small yoga studio where i could focus on supporting women with yoga and natural medicine. My focus was on fertility and pregnancy, seeing clients individually as well as teaching yoga classes for women trying to conceive and classes for those already pregnant. As time went on and women had their babies,  I started working with women at their post natal time. I created a 'sangha' (community), for women who were in this time of their life, this time that could sometimes be extremely challenging. A space where women could laugh, cry or just be. A place where women felt supported and understood, where hopefully they could take some control of their own lives and health back into their own hands. This is what I had needed and felt other women did too! 

I have now worked with hundreds of women and am still inspired and surprised by the human body and its capabilities. A great joy in my life is seeing a women move from wanting to have a baby, getting pregnancy and carrying a baby and then after becoming a mother and watching that child grow. I often see some of my mothers that started with me when they where either trying to conceive, or were pregnant and now have children, some almost teenagers!  

Its a great honour to be able to support women, and men in my Couples Workshops, at this life changing time!