Health Reset Program

Experience 21 Days of a supported Cleansing/Detox Program

Program runs every spring and autumn

About the Program

I have been doing detox's now for over 15 yrs on twice a year basis. Come and join me with what I have discovered to be the best and easiest reset for this time of year!  This program will combine my knowledge and experience of over 20yrs as a Naturopath, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  

When you join us you will receive

  • Detailed questionnaire to identify individual concerns 
  • Food plans and programs that are easy to follow and implement
  • Lifestyle suggestions and daily activities to nurture and support you
  • Group Support
  • Daily Inspiration
  • and much more....

Reset the Body

In this 21 days we give our body a break by simplifying what we are eating and drinking, allowing our body a chance to reset.

Energise the Nervous System

21 Days of nurturing, we are left feeling energised and ready to go again!

Lose Weight

While this may not be the main goal, it is often a consequence of fine tuning what we are eating and increasing our daily movement. 

different options available

Tailored Programs

Whiele each one of us doing the program, will be doing a cleanse. There are lots of option within that se we can tailor the right program for you. Some may wish to do an intense cleanse to 'strip away' excess while others may need to focus on nurturing and energising. 

I will support you the whole way!

About Me

My name is Kathy Grace, I am a Naturopath, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant. I have spent 30years in the health industry and I reckon I have tried every diet and detox that there is! 

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You will receive

  • a package of written material to follow
  • videos to follow and keep you informed

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