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Mummas, Yoga and Ayurveda!

10 Years now I have been working with women – trying to conceive, during pregnancy and in the early stages of mother hood.

In 2009 I decided to leave a corporate career, earning good money, to start running my own business working with women and couples. I worked with yoga, Naturopathic medicine in a coaching style to support women, and couples, along this path that can be very challenging and isolating.

Over the years women have taught me so many things. The human body has surprised and delighted me by what it can achieve. I have continued my studies in birth and motherhood in the various levels including yoga, ayurvedic medicine, doula studies and emotional and spiritual support. My ‘ways’ of working have changed but I still believe firmly in working at the realistic level, with real people and real situations. I have a spiritual practice but don’t really connect with the airy-fairy realm and believe that things you do need to work, they need to feel good for you, and there isn’t one answer for everyone and sometimes you need to spend ‘many’ years discovering what you and your body ‘need’ to be able to move forward in whatever direction you decide.

Starting September

This is partly why I have decided to take most of my programs online rather than in person. I feel I can have a wider reach and help more people. I also understand how busy life can be and whats important is incorporating lifestyle skills and activities into your day, when they suit you! So on these beautiful sunny days i get inspired and am totally looking forward to the next few months and the things i have planned coming up – starting in September with my Reset (Detox) Program. I always do this myself and if you would like to join me for 2 weeks, here is your chance! This is an opportunity to let go of the old and begin fresh!

Starting November

Just after that I will run my next ‘Mumma Thrive’ Program, which is for all the Mums out there (no matter how old your kids are). This program is to help bring some ‘me’ time back, to support you to take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of everyone else!

All my programs involve yoga, nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

I am also currently finishing off my online yoga programs which I am hoping will be available very soon!