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A daily nurturing routine…

​For those of you that have joined me on this detox/spring clean program I hope things are going well! 

I thought I would give you a bit of an update of where I am at 3 weeks in and what my process looks like.

So as per my last post, I started with oleation and a purge! What a great nurturing way to move into a detox. From there I have moved onto some massive juicing. Over the last 3 days I have just started to re-introduce a lunch time salad. My detoxes always also entail re-invigorating my daily routine and stepping up my self nurturing. I will explain below how this looks.  

I feel a 'detox' is not just an opportunity to remove the excess in our diets, but to also cleanse our minds, reduce the digital input and an opportunity to cleanse the enviroment we live - hence my houses' spring clean has also begun!

What I love about a detox is i get re-inspired around food - and food starts to taste great again! I am right now sitting down to eat my lunch, which is a massive big salad and every mouthful bursts with flavour. Today i have added to my salad some nuts and seeds, some avocado and an amazing tahini, miso and lemon juice dressing to begin to increase my protein and good quality fats. My salad consists of a variety of fresh green leaves, sprouts, cucumbers, capsicum, celery, some baked carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin, along with some delicious saurekraut! Plus a few other things like soaked gogi berries - I basically just add anything I can find! This is only the third day back on eating food and I am loving it! 

The other thing i LOVE about doing this is I also get re-inspired about my daily practice! Sometimes it just becomes a chore, but when I am doing this it brings meaning to my practice again! So thought I might share what my morning looks like! 

Its starts with getting up early, which can only be possible if I go to bed early, so that actually comes first i guess! 

  • ​I begin with a dry bristle brush and brush my whole body - this is for the lymphatics
  • followed by abhyanga, or oiling my whole body. Because I am feeling rather "pitta" right now, hot and fiery, I have decided to sue coconut oil. This creates a nurturing full body massage - this is for the nervous system.
  • I then brush my teeth and clean my tongue - so how much ama I have going on!
  • followed by several glasses of hot water the flush my system and to get me to go to the toilet - celnase the bowels.
  • then my morning practice which includes asana (movement), breathing and some meditation - 'Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio' is my current favourite.

After completing all of this then the fun begins with getting kids off to school and feeding everybody, including the animals and myself!

Over the last week I have been drinking, on most days, 2 big juices. Each containing about 4 -5 pieces of fruit/veg and some salad greens. At night I have been going light with simple miso or something similiar.  In between drinking hot water, sometimes adding in a fresh squeeze of lemon. This has really help to ensure my bowels are still moving regularly.

This is not the kind of detox I would recomend to everyone, but i have been detoxing for roughly 25yrs so I know what i am doing and this is what my body wanted to do this time around.  Over this next week I will slowly start to re-introduce food and get back to a more normal eating routine.

My end goal is to keep my lunches big and fresh and to reduce my evening meal size, ensuring it is also eaten early!

If you want to know more and would like some help planning your own detox then let me know! Happy to help!