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The winds of change……

Do not look back my friend, no one knows how the world ever begun
do not fear the future, nothing lasts forever
if you dwell on the past or the future, you will miss the moment

It seems its time for change and while part of me thrives on change, it excites me, I need it, I get bored without it……A part of me is resisting completely!

I can see it, I am aware of it, over the last couple of weeks it has driven fear in me…..what am i going to do?

Well what I do know is I will not be short of something to do, I have atleast a years worth of cleaning to be done in my house (not really but i do have plenty!). My kids and dog are beckoning me to spend more time with them and I am excited to be able to do that!

Today has been a big day, I taught my last Saturday morning! Oh how I have loved teaching these classes, I love the students, I love the energy, I love being up and having taught 2 classes before the day really gets going! I had a little tear in class today, a small part was sadness, loss but mostly its about change and about the unknown and I understand that some of my students feel the same way to.

I spent the rest of the day emptying my office! Keeping the things I want to keep and getting rid of the things I no longer need. One of the joys of cleaning out my office was finding all of the thank you cards and certificates we have received from supporting so many local schools and events  over the last 9 years!

This last 9 years have been the best and probably worst 9 yrs of my life. The struggle of managing a business, ensuring it makes enough money to cover all the bills, and coping with the times when it doesn’t! Managing 100 – 1000s of people coming and going, both customers and fellow teachers and the on-going 7 days a week demand of a business. Then the joy of seeing yogis come and learn and grow and really find something true and real for them by participating in yoga. Seeing many students move on to become yoga teachers themselves, several of which now teach at Gracefully Fit. That makes me so proud, I feel so honored that firstly they wanted to learn more and grow and secondly that they would come back and want to teach with me!

I have so many great memories since starting my business, so many people that I have grown so close to. I feel so grateful to each of every person that has turned up. Every single student has taught me something to make me a better teacher and better person and contributing to our studio growing. I am so thankful those first few students that walked in my door at Mortdale, stayed with me in the early days. I was so ‘green’, I had only taught for a couple of years with 1 or 2 classes a week. Starting to teach full time was such a big learning curve.

I am not exactly sure what the next year is going to bring, but I am excited to see what happens next!

Finally, thank you, thank you thank you! To each and every one of you for everything you have shared with me, I am so very grateful!