​Now working via individual sessions over Zoom. Contact us below to make a booking. 

I work with women at all stages along the journey to create a life full of health and happiness.

I can work with you and your individual circumstances to help improve your fertility and your general health, getting you ready to conceive a healthy baby and sustain a pregnancy. Or perhaps you have had your baby, and are looking to get your body and mind back on track, maybe years after!

Working out an individual plan that includes daily practices that support you, nutritional food to nurture you and spiritual practices to nourish you!

Ways we work with you?


  1. Naturopath/Ayurvedic Consultant – with nutrition, lifestyle, herbs and supplements, including western natural medicine along with traditional ayurvedic medicine.
  2. Yoga (Hatha and Kundalini) – movement to encourage ‘flow’ in your body, relaxation in your mind and feeling connected spiritually. Reducing stress and helping you manage your daily activities.

Working individually in the context of yoga, movement, breath, meditation, lifestyle, food, habits and beliefs.  This is not an overnight ‘quick fix’. This is for those of you READY to make some REAL changes in your life!


​Contact me here if you would like to work with me