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Naturopathic Consults

Now working via individual sessions online, phone or in person at Sutherland.

I have been in the Health Industry for over 30yrs and bring a wealth of experience to our consults.  I am a Naturopath (1994) Yoga Teacher (1997) and Ayurvedic Practitioner (2001).

I specialise in working with Women, at all stages along the journey to create a life full of health and happiness! I combine my knowledge and experience in both ayurvedic and naturopathic medicine, along with yogic based philosophy.

Having been through and experienced fertility challenges, IVF and now menopause I can relate to and understand women at various stages of life. This can include - hormonal problems, thyroid disorders, digestive problems, weight imbalances and emotional distress.  

Who I work with

  1. Womens health and all that goes along with that!
  2. women wanting to improve their fertility and general health, getting ready to conceive a healthy baby and sustain a pregnancy
  3. during your pregnancy to help manage fatigue, bowel issues, prepare you for labour and to help ensure your baby is as healthy as possible
  4. post-natally to help you get your body and health back on track
  5. helping you with your energy levels later in life while juggling kids or work, right up until and including menopause.
  6. Peri-menopause and menopause, which brings a whole new set of balls to juggle!  
  7. Weight gain and thyroid disorders, low energy, poor sleep
  8. Women wanting to age gracefully and powerfully!