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About Me

My name is Kathy Grace, I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Consultant, Doula and Yoga Teacher (Level 3) with over 30 years in the health industry. I specialise in working with women, I first started my business as ‘Conception Health’ which later became ‘Gracefully Fit Yoga’ in Oatley.

I grew up with a ‘hippie’ mum, who used to feed me lecithin, raw egg and molasses (plus more) drinks for breakfast. I believe in keeping your feet on the ground while allowing your body and mind to explore! it was the 90’s when I graduated from College as a Naturopath, later doing my Bachelor in Health Science. I also completed for first yoga teacher training and started along my own path of health. Initially working in Health Food stores, then Nutrition companies and finally running my own business.   

Growing up with a ‘hippie’ mum i learnt to use food, herbs and vitamins over orthodox medicine (when possible) and she instilled a positive view point of the world around me.  I grew up dancing, playing sport and having fun. Later in life, my fathers influence was more obvious with my dedication to working hard and providing excellent customer service by truely caring about the people you deal with and going the extra mile – he always did!

After years of practice as both a Naturopath and Yoga practitioner my focus changed on how I worked with people and which tools I used, now focusing more on Ayurveda and Yoga to help people align with their own true nature and to identify what is going to work for them, personally!

Having worked in the corporate sector for many years, I founded Conception Health, a practice focused on women (fertility and pregnancy) in 2009 and Gracefully Fit Yoga in 2010. When i sold this business in 2018 i moved to just working under my name – Kathy Grace

Kathy currently Consults online and is involved in various Yoga Teacher Training & Mentoring Programs within Australia.

My love and passion is for working with women, at all stages. For more than 10yrs I have worked with women trying to conceive, pregnant and/or postnatal. I am constantly fascinated and in awe of the womens body and what it does during pregnancy. I have worked with 1000s of women during pregnancy and each women has taught me something about their individual journey!

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Kathy's Qualifications

- Naturopath with Bachelor in Health Science

- Ayurvedic Practitioner

- Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher

- Kundalini Yoga Teacher

- Birth Doula

1994 - Australasian College of Natural Therapies - Naturopath
1998 - Bachelor Degree in Health Science (ND)
2000 - Live Blood Screening Training (Hemaview)

2001 - Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine (1 Year Training)
2001 - Vitality, Longevity and Anti-Aging Training (VLA)

plus - constant ongoing industry recognised trainings and study


2009 - Australian Doula College - Doula Studies (Birth Support Person)



1997 - Yoga Teacher Level 1 - IYTA (350hrs)
1999 - Samadhi (Sydney) Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
2008 - Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Janice Clarfield
2009 - Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Samadhi NZ
2009 - Skye Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga for Kids
2010 - Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training - Samadhi NZ
2011 - Yoga for Toddlers - Samadhi NZ
2011 - Yoga for Kids - Samadhi NZ
2012 - Sarah Powers - Yin Yoga
2012 - The Power of the Voice - Carmella Baynie
2012 - Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Adore Yoga
2013 - Yoga Coach Teacher Training Level 2 (500hrs)
2014 - Women's Restoration & Feminine Vitality Teachers Training - Kate Moody
2014 - Bliss Baby Prenatal & Postnatal Training
2015 - Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training - Bliss Baby Yoga

2016 - Yoga Therapy

2017 - Donna Farhi

2017 - Tracey Cruikshank - Anatomy & Physiology

2018 - Shiva Rae Workshop

2018 - Level 3, Senior Yoga Teacher

2018 - Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training