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Birth Coaching

When you are pregnant there is alot going on and many things to think about and prepare. Some of these are about ensuring the health of your baby and you, and preparing for labour and beyond (physically, mentally and emotionally), These are some of the things we can help with. 

We start with a 1 hour one-on-one Zoom consultation

  • discussing your current health and if there are any areas of concern that need addressing.
  • we discuss what plans and expectation you have for your birth
  • we discover what you currently know about your birth options and choices
From here we
  • put together a birth plan that you are happy with (with some back up plans and alternatives where necessary)
  • put a plan together for getting you into shape and ready for labour – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • create a list of questions that you may need to go and ask your Midwife or Obstetrician so as to ensure you are fully aware of your choices and options during birth.
  • give you and your birth partner ideas and suggestions on how they can support you during labour, including massage and positions you can use at different stages of labour.
  • using yoga and other ideas to ensure your baby is in the best position for birth (ideas for posterior and breech babies)
How this will benefit you
  •  you will feel prepared and knowledgable, creating confidence going into labour, a time of great uncertainty.
  • everyone supporting you during your birth will know what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it.
  • have options available to you should your Number 1 Birth Plan not play out the way you had planned, so that you can feel happy and satisfied with your choices.
  • your birth partner will feel empowered with how they can support you during labour. 

Run by Qualified Health Practitioner
  • Kathy Grace is a Naturopath with 20+ years experience and a qualified Yoga Teacher specialising in Womens Health, Prenatal and the Postnatal area, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and ​a Doula (Birth Support Person) training & studies at the Australian Doula College.
One on One Appointments are $120 per hour – contact us for an appointment