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What we do, how we move, and how we fuel our body to do it! 

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The reality is, in todays society, many of us just don't move enough! 

That doesn't mean we need to all be running marathons, but we do need to move, breath and find ourselves on a daily basis.  Yoga is one way to do this, but there are may forms of yoga also. 

The physical practice of Asana (movement) is often referred to as Yoga. In actual fact that is only 1 small part of yoga, all be it an important part!

But, there are many other aspects of yoga from guidelines of how to live your life, treat yourself and others, breathing techniques and meditation.

Many, if not all or these aspects can be reflected in a yoga class. They are also concepts that can be bought into everyday life from walking on the beach to do the washing-up!

I believe its not about ‘doing’ a practice once a day. Its about incorporating what you learn on the mat into your every moment.

 I would love to work with you individually to find how we can find balance, peace and health in your life with ease!