The Convenience of online Prenatal Yoga classes, you can do anytime you want!

Three different classes and you can choose from depending on your energy, time or how you feel! Work at your own level!

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Here’s what people are saying about Kathys teachings:

Lara Ryan

Past Student

"a huge impact on the way I enjoyed my pregnancy"

I can not recommend Kathy’s prenatal yoga course enough, it had such a huge impact on the way I enjoyed my pregnancy and the way I prepared to birth. 9 years and another Bub later I am still grateful for everything I learnt ?


Past Student

Thank you!

Kathy, I walked into that room at Mortdale and instantly knew I would love your classes as I did. You made me love yoga


Past Student

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kathy for creating and nurturing a place which teaches us, inspires us and provides a sanctuary. Your future will bring success, challenges and fulfilment. Take it with both hands.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Prenatal Yoga Course!

Lifetime access to this Course, which gives you 3 Classes that you can do anytime you feel like, approximately 40 minutes each. 

  • One for when you feel tired and need your energy restored
  • Two general classes focusing on your whole body, including your lower back and hips
  • A bonus 10 minute video with some ideas for preparing your body for birth and movements you can use for getting your baby into the right position for birth. 

All this for just $37!!

Feel Stronger in Your Body

Yoga helps to bring balance to your body, increasing strength and tone, while creating flow and reducing stiffness and tension.

We include pranayama (breathing) practices, movement, strengthening and relaxation.

Feel Connected with your Baby

Taking time to pause from the strain of the day to day activity to connect with your body enables you to experience and enjoy this journey.

We include activities to consciously connect, breathing exercises and relaxation


Prepare for Labour

We also include suggestions and ideas you can use during labour and the birth of your baby.

We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful pregnant women as we specialise in Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Women, and we love it!

A Sample of the Online Class

About Kathy

I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Consultant, Doula and Yoga Teacher with over 30 years in the health industry.

My love and passion is for working with women, at all stages. For more than 10yrs I have worked with women trying to conceive, pregnant and/or postnatal. I am constantly fascinated and in awe of the womens body and what it does during pregnancy. I have worked with 1000s of women during pregnancy and each women has taught me something about their individual journey!

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