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Inspired to support you on your health journey!

I have been in this industry since 1991, while I have had many twists and turns within the industry, I keep coming back to practicing as a Naturopath. I love it!

I am constantly inspired by peoples willingness to make changes and to adapt to suggestions of simple things to achieve a better health outcome.

I truely believe it does not have to be complicated, and you don’t need to take hundreds of supplements, its the simple things we do on a daily basis that get the biggest long term results.

  • get a good night sleep
  • keep you bowels healthy, empty them daily, focus on a healthy  microbiome
  • eat a wide variety of vegetables and salad. Plenty of colour and variety is essential
  • move your body daily – breath, stretch, build muscle
  • manage your stress levels
  • stay connected with other human beings, or animals!

Please reach out if I can help you work on an area of your health that you want to improve!

Thanks Kathy