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How exciting it is!

It feels very exciting and almost liberating to be setting up a website and a business that is focused on just what I really want to offer to the world!

That sounds almost selfish, but I feel i have spent many years working on things for other people and not really following my own dream…….and now I can!

So what is my dream? While it still is a little cloudy its becoming clearer every day as I move further towards it.

My dream involves working with women, mothers and women trying to be mothers. This is my area of passion. It involves helping people live their true passion and to live in alignment with what works for them.  It involves using science and wisdom from both yoga and ayurveda…..and anything else I have learned along the way that can help inspire and educate people to connect deeply with who they are and what works for them.

I know my limitations in working with people on a 1:1 basis so moving towards creating programs where I can reach more people and those people benefiting from the community of also having other people on the same journey!

Can wait to unfold this story as it goes and see where it takes me…and hopefully you too!