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Leaning into cleansing and reseting for Spring…

My Spring Clean officially starts next Monday so as of today, I am starting my preparation. …..and you can too!

So how do we prepare?

I have started thinking about what my end goal is. What do i want to achieve by cleansing? How do I want to feel at the end? Any specific things? The more specific the better.

Then, what sort of cleanse do I want to do? Do i want to lighten up – emotionally or physically? Do i need to ground and nurture myself? Do i want to lose weight? Do i need to build up? Working out what you need to do to get your end result.

After this, start planing your weeks. How many weeks are you doing? I like 3 generally (sometimes longer) – we need time to move into cleansing time, cleansing, and then moving out of cleansing.

So now I am planning my food and what sort of detox I am going to do. I am thinking about the other activities that I am going to add in. Like my daily routines, my nourishing programs, my movement and breathing practices. I also find while cleansing, I also have the desire to clean my environment, so currently I am planning my home spring clean. How I am going to do it and when. I am currently planning a room per day, to clean and tidy!

So while we need to think about any food that my want to remove, my detoxes focus on the foods I am going to ‘add in’. I find focusing on the ‘add in’ rather than the ‘removal’ changes the dynamics and how you think about doing it. It takes away the ‘its soo hard to do’ thoughts.

So today I have started to transition my food, including more of the foods I want to eat. Preparing, shopping, cooking, planning.

I am excited where I am going to be in 3 weeks and how I am going to feel! how about you? Do you want to join me?