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My journey with Oleation….

So what is oleation i hear you asking?

Filling myself up with oils and fats, internally and externally, and bringing my body into detoxification. Sounds weird hey, drinking fat and detoxing! But that’s what I am doing.

So why do it? Well the theory goes that while i am consuming the extra amount of ghee, and increasing daily, the ghee is actually helping to bind up all my toxins so that when i purge in a few days, all the toxins are released along with the ghee. I haven’t done this detox in a few years so i am super excited to get to my purge day and see what happens.

At the same time as consuming the ghee and kitchari, I have also stepped up my external oiling (abhyanga) and doing that twice a day – which my skin is loving!

Eating the same food daily for the 4 days in preparation creates stability in the mind and allows my body to move into removing ama (toxins). It is satisfying and fairly easy, cleansing the pallet along with the deep tissue.

After my purge on Day 5 i will move into a different stage of detoxification!

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